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Extracted from Annual Report 2013

Dear Shareholders,

FY2013 has been a remarkable year for ASL Marine. The Group has kept steadfastly on the path of growth and improvement which I would like to thank all shareholders for your faithful support as we strive to continuously create shareholders' value.

With sound guidance from the Board of Directors, unfaltering commitment of our valued employees, and the support of our customers, bankers, and business partners, ASL Marine has successfully added a new dimension to our operations and extended our presence and competitive edge on the global arena. I hereby extend my sincere thanks to every single individual who helped build ASL Marine into the thriving organisation it is today.

As we step into a new financial year, the Group hopes to have the continued support of our shareholders and employees, and look forward to many years of dedicated service to our customers and fruitful collaboration with our business partners.

Ang Sin Liu
Founder and Advisor